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Arnander, Primrose & Tooley, Michael: Gertrude Jekyll – Essays on the Life of a Working Amateur

c2portraitEdited by Primrose Arnander, great-great niece of Gertrude Jekyll, and Michael Tooley, Professor of Geography, garden designer and author. All aspects of her life and work by 15 specialists and family members. 146 illustrations (40 in colour).

‘A fascinating account of the great gardener’s achievements’ (The Garden) – ‘A precious addition to the Jekyll literature’ (The Sunday Telegraph)

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Bisgrove, Richard: The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll

Description of her gardens. The author has reproduced one of the Jekyll borders at Munstead Wood at the University of Reading.


Brown, Jane: Gardens of a Golden Afternoon, The Story of a Partnership: Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll

They collaborated on at least 70 projects and exchanged views on many more.


Edwards, Brian: Goddards, Abinger Common, Surrey

Describes a Lutyens house with Jekyll garden.

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Edwards, Joan: Gertrude Jekyll before the Boots, the Gardens and the Portrait

William Nicholson’s paintings of her and her boots gives the point to the title.

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Edwards, Joan: Gertrude Jekyll – Embroiderer, Gardener and Craftsman

Describes a range of her skills.

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Festing, Sally: Gertrude Jekyll

A biography which describes her many-faceted life and career.

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Gunn, Fenja: Lost Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll

Recreation of gardens which do not survive; the author’s ‘garden pictures’ are based on plans of a number of Gertrude Jekyll’s lost gardens.


Jekyll, Francis: Gertrude Jekyll, A Memoir

Written by Gertrude Jekyll’s nephew (1934) soon after her death; introduction by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Prime source of much of the later literature about Gertrude Jekyll.

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Kelloway, Deborah (editor): The Illustrated Virago Book of Women Gardeners

c2viragoWomen gardeners and garden authors over last 150 years. Gertrude Jekyll; Alicia Amherst, Elizabeth von Arnim, Beatrix Farrand and many others.



Madden, OE: Ruskin Recalled; A New Look at the Life of John Ruskin

The art critic, social reformer and author was a great influence on Gertrude Jekyll, whose early training was in painting and drawing.


Massingham, Betty: Miss Jekyll, Portrait of a Great Gardener

The first post-war biography (1966), it did much to revive Gertrude Jekyll?s reputation, which had faded after her death.


Newton, CT: Travels and Discoveries in the Levant

Gertrude Jekyll was a friend of Charles and Mary Newton; she accompanied them on some of their travels, which inspired some of her writings and paintings.



Page, Russell: The Education of a Gardener

Of Gertrude Jekyll, the author writes (1962): ‘I can think of few gardens made in the last 50 years which do not bear the mark of her teaching’.


Stewart-Wilson, Mary: Queen Mary?s Dolls? House

The dolls? house was built by Edwin Lutyens, with garden advice from Gertrude Jekyll, for Queen Mary. First shown at British Empire Exhibition in 1924.


Tankard, Judith B and Van Valkenburgh, Michael R: Gertrude Jekyll, A Vision of Garden and Wood

Munstead Wood, the home of Gertrude Jekyll, based on her photographs, now in the University of California.


Tankard, Judith B and Wood, Martin A: Gertrude Jekyll at Munstead Wood

c2munsteadThe subtitle Writing Horticulture Photography Homebuilding sums up four main aspects of her life and work.

Munstead Wood was the home that she built with the architect Edwin Lutyens; it is near Godalming, Surrey. The book includes a list of Gertrude Jekyll’s gardens.



Tankard, Judith B: Gertrude Jekyll and the Country House Garden

Description of Gertrude Jekyll’s finest gardens, based on illustrations from Country Life; published by Aurum Press in 2011  

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Thomas, Graham Stuart: Cuttings from my Garden Notebook                                                               

Essays on gardening and gardens, with a report of the author?s meeting with Gertrude Jekyll in 1931. List of plants, their characteristics, size, season, methods of propagation and American Hardiness Zones, on a state-by-state basis.


Tooley, Michael and Tooley, Rosanna: The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll in Northern England

While 70% of her gardens were in the South East of England, she also created some notable gardens in the North.



Wallinger, Rosamund; Gertude Jekyll’s Lost Garden; The Restoration of an Edwardian Masterpiece

c2acclostgardenThe author, Rosamund Wallinger, tells about the complete restoration of the Jekyll garden at Upton Grey, near Basingstoke in Hampshire. The garden dates from 1908 and the modern restoration was commenced 15 years ago.



Wood, Martin: The Unknown Gertrude Jekyll

This book gathers together excerpts of Gertrude Jekyll’s articles and letters, which have only been readily available to scholars. The book has many fine illustrations.

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