Gardens in America

c5e166Gertrude Jekyll’s books were published and read in the USA. She wrote articles for American gardening journals. As a result, she became very well known in America and has been influential in garden design circles. She received awards from The Garden Club of America, The Massachusetts Horticultural Society and others. During her later years, she designed three gardens there; although she never visited America she could do the job, by meticulous attention to detail.


Gertrude Jekyll’s American gardens were as follows:

1914 Elmhurst, Ohio
1925 Cotswold Cottage, Greenwich, Connecticut
1926 Old Glebe House, Woodbury, Connecticut, which was restored during the 1990s and can be visited.


c5beatrixAfter her death, a considerable proportion of her archive, including many garden plans, found its way to the University of California, Berkeley, mainly through the bequest of Beatrix Jones Farrand, the US gardener and garden designer, who had acquired them. Her life and work are described in Jane Brown’s Beatrix-The gardening life of Beatrix Jones Farrand (1872-1959).