About the Gertude Jekyll website


This site aims to give a picture of the life, work and influence of Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932).  She was a notable garden designer and author, who was born in London, but lived most of her life in Surrey, England. The  site is divided into seven sections.



The HOME page gives an overview of her life and work; it includes a search facility and a news section with current matters of interest to followers of Gertrude Jekyll.



The BOOKS section reviews books by, about or related, in some way, to her; here, one can buy books on line via Amazon. In addition, there is a complete and detailed list of her 13 books and over 1,000 articles, in chronological order of publication.



GARDENS designed or influenced by her, can be visited today; a number of them have been well maintained or restored.



Her LIFE & CAREER spanned almost 90 years and is described here, with a comprehensive chronology.



The British architect SIR EDWIN LUTYENS had a most fruitful cooperation with her. She was one of his earliest clients and she gave him influential contacts. Over more than 30 years they created many houses and gardens together.



The ARTS & CRAFTS movement, led by William Morris, had a considerable influence over her work.



MORE information is provided about Gertrude Jekyll’s work as a painter during her youth (including images). Sections are devoted to the Jekyll family line over 500 years, her work as a plantswoman and her friend William Robinson. There are also links to a number of people, institutions and subjects, which add to the understanding of Gertrude Jekyll.